Thursday, February 5, 2009

CNY @ RFB 2009 Part 1

Our beautiful
Phalaenopsis orchids are directly imported from Taiwan. Also known as "Moth" orchids and locally known as Borneo orchid. We usually order them in for the festive season, both Hari Raya and Chinese New Year. They make lovely gifts and the blooms last for up to 3 weeks. Will have pictures of the finished arrangements up soon!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Hello all! Welcome to our blog. Roz Flower Boutique is all about beautiful and personalised creations so please don't hesitate to drop by and discuss your ideas with us. We love exploring new design themes and materials.
I've actually had this blog for ages but never made time to upload anything.Today I was inspired to actually start writing (and posting!) this blog by Cits who is so super busy making and decorating her cakes, yet she still has time to post pictures of her creations and blog,, so really I have no excuse! Cits, this one's for you! Coming soon is our collaboration later this month, "Flowers and Cakes For The One You Love", so I'll be posting pictures of that soon.
The featured floral arrangement above is our latest masterpiece for our "Luxe Collection". The recipient is one of our regular clients who love unique floral creations and every year we like to out do ourselves and give her something more extravagant and beautiful than the last year! My inspiration for this came from the chests which I've been saving to use for a special occasion.We used 3 antique looking wooden chests and filled them with imported rose blooms and additional trinkets and crystal,pearl pieces. Concept: Treasures Galore!